Rodrigues Island
Rodrigues Island is a tiny little jewel (18 x 8 km = 108 km²) off the northeast coast of Mauritius, with a population of around 38,000 people.

Rodrigues was discovered in 1507 by the portuguese Diego Rodriguez. The island was then abandonned before being re-visited by the dutch who similarly to the portuguese, couldn't colonise it. In 1967 a group of french sailors spent two years on the island and its only in 1725 that the french took possession of the island. At least hundred people decided to live on the island until 1809 when the English threatened the Mascarenes. The English took possession of the Island and organised themselves to conquer Mauritius in 1810. From then, Rodrigues remain a dependancy of Mauritius.

The island prides itself in its silky beaches, its gorgeous uneven topography, the natural politeness of its inhabitants, its scrumptious gastronomy and its landmarks, as well as its sea activities. Interestingly, Rodrigues also has a vast limestone plain with beautiful show caves…

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