Activities & Leisure


The topology of the island lends itself to a number of nature discovery opportunities, namely through trekking excursions, mountain-bike hikes, nautical activities and cave exploration.

The undersea world uncovers its secrets to divers and fishermen. Surf, kite surf and windsurf enthusiasts will find there an unparalleled haven whilst the steep-sided ravines attract ornithologists as well as nature lovers.

Natural reserve Ile aux Cocos - natural refuge for seabirds. It is accessible by boat to incoming visitors in possession of a special permit delivered by discovery rodrigues.

Trou D'Argent - Accessible from graviers, Montagne Cabris or Saint Francois 

Caverne Patate - Cave of 600 metres long situate in the South West of the island. You will be guide by professional guides.

Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve - re-creation of the natural environment of Rodrigues as it was during the 18th century. The re-introduction of neighbouring species of turtles from Madagascar and Aldabra. Indigineous and endemic flora as well as Caves have been restored.


Kitesurf- The Rodriguan Lagoon present itself as an ideal spot for passionate of extreme sports, surf, windsurf and kitesurf in particular. Begginers, confident or adventurous you will be guided by an instructor of your choice. Rodrigues possess a couple of kitesurfing clubs with qualified IKO instructors.

Diving - The underwater world is full of multicoloured corals still alive as well as a lot of different species of fish, living in the middle of the bubbles of passionate divers. You will meet, sharks, turtles, rays, all kinds of fish and a lot of different marine species.

Big game fishing - Rodriguan waters house a lot of tunas, bonitos, marlins, dorados, wahoos etc… Passionate fishermen will be happy to practice, trolling, jigging, surf casting and deep sea fishing. You will be overwhelmed by extreme sensations. The island possess ddifferent world records, Dog tooth tuna, marlins etc…